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Practice Areas

Sim Legal, P.C. advises clients on all areas of estate planning, including the drafting of wills, advanced medical directives, powers of attorney, revocable & irrevocable trusts, and testamentary trusts.  We counsel clients in areas of estate administration, trust administration, probate matters, long-term care planning, incapacity planning, charitable and tax planning, including special supplemental care trusts and charitable giving.

Estate planning provides you and your loved ones with a plan for the future that will protect the majority of your assets from unnecessary tax and state consequences, thereby preserving the value of your hard earned work.  It avoids confusion and frustration, and allows for your wishes to be followed ensuring the best possible results for your family’s future. 

Estate planning should begin as early as possible, since it can minimize or eliminate estate taxes and save on court costs and legal fees associated with guardianships and probate.  Issues to look at in estate planning include assisting you with a comprehensive will, setting up revocable or living trusts, advising you on charitable contributions, life insurance holdings, business entities and other asset protection strategies.

To this end, the legal practice at Sim Legal, P.C. includes asset protection strategies; probate, as well as effective strategies to avoid probate, such a revocable living trusts; techniques to reduce estate and transfer taxes, such as gifting and discounting programs and irrevocable trusts, such as GRIT’s, GRAT's, QPRT's and ILIT's; and the formation and administration of tax-favored or tax-exempt organizations, such as charitable remainder trusts.

If you find that a loved one has passed away without the benefit of a Trust, Probate is required on the estate.  Sim Legal, P.C. provides you with the knowledge and skill to quickly move the Probate process through the necessary legal procedures necessary.  There are many complexities involved in a Probate—filing legal documents, preparing petitions and bonds, and serving notices.  Sim Legal, P.C. will efficiently guide you in the proper procedure in an efficient and effective manner.

Asset protection is a crucial part of estate planning and financial planning as a whole.   In today’s current financial environment it is important to protect property and assets you own.  Although previously estate planning was a tool of the rich, today anyone with assets should take the necessary steps to ensure their belongings are protected.   The last thing you want to happen is to lose everything you have worked so hard for, or to have it go in directions that you do not want it to go.   Having a sound financial plan that will provide you with tax advantages and direction for the distribution of your estate should something happen to you is important to the future well-being of your loved ones.

For higher net-worth individuals and families, and for those with more complex financial situations, Sim Legal, P.C. offers a full range of Advanced Estate Planning Services which allow clients to more effectively manage such situations while minimizing or eliminating exposure to capital gains taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, property taxes and more.  Our practice includes wealth planning using advanced estate planning techniques including family limited liability companies, grantor retained annuity trusts, gifting plans and sales to grantor trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and family foundations.

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